Communicate with parents effectively, mobilize opinion and retain students

    Sep 21, 2019

The level of communication a school maintains with the parents establishes its credibility, accountability and ability to influence decisions.

An efficient communication channel has the ability to make the institution’s ecosystem vibrant. Policy decisions gain firmer ground if they are communicated well, new initiatives become amplified in their effect not to mention the benefits of remaining abreast with the opinion of parents on the new developments.

The schools that have struggled with admissions invariably discount the importance of communication and do not have defined channels for it. In the case of these schools, communication with the parents is essentially need-based. Schools must know that the adage “no news is good news” is just a bad assumption. Our studies show that parents appreciate regular communications and feedbacks from the school and they do like to be involved in decisions that have a bearing on their child’s future.

Parents entrust their children’s future to their schools, they do not abandon their children to them. Why should the parents not be involved in the development of the institution they have trusted their children with? Contrary to what school management believe, transparency of management does not compromise autonomy. What the modern schools need is influx of ideas, critique and decreased anxiety and that is exactly an automated communication channel brings in its wake.

With Schoolforte school management can customize the inbuilt automated communication channels and keep parents in the loop of developments. The notifications of important events, feedback etc. can be easily conveyed to and from the parents to the management and teachers. The modalities that are used are familiar and of daily use including E-mail, SMS, WhatsApp.

Effective and uninterrupted communication will reshape the outlook of parents and synchronize their perspectives with that of the management. Not just that, it will work wonders for the motivation and performance of the students and the teachers alike. It will solve the problem of retention of students to a great extent and combat attrition by building a positive opinion of the school in the community.

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