Regulate Fee Collection by automating follow-ups and sustain school operations

    Sep 21, 2019

The regularity of fee collection is almost taken for granted by the school management but as the school progresses it becomes increasingly clear that it does not happen like clockwork and requires follow-ups.

Many school managements are painfully aware that outstanding fee payments can easily run into lakhs and if the state of affairs do not change, the growth stalls and even sustainability of the school operations is jeopardized.

When the fee flow is not regular, follow- ups are required and follow-ups must be intensified every time if they are unplanned and contingency- based. To ensure that the follow ups remain objective there must be a system in place.

If the collection process is not objective the school management is in for surprises every month and then it has to go in a damage control mode compromising relationship with the parents in the process. The haphazard cycle thus created turns into a systemic flaw and when combined with other lapses, retards the growth of the institution and even threatens its existence.

It is to be understood that in most of the cases defaulting on the fee payment is avoidable if the management depend on promptness rather than penalization. Dignified and regular communication is the obvious remedy and must be objectified. And what better way to objectify a process than automation?

Schoolforte has the fee management module operated through a fee dashboard. The fee dashboard has on it the information including the day’s collection and dues. The follow-up process is automated and alerts are sent to the parents encouraging the submission of the fee on or before the due date.
Overdue fee reminders are circulated through automated channels and fee concessions approvals and waivers are recorded and managed in an orderly and efficient fashion.

Customization of fee challans and receipts is possible within the module and reports relating to the fee collection, pending fee and overall status can be generated with the use of the fee management system that Schoolforte affords the school.

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