Streamline admission process through automation and increase school admissions with advanced analytics.

    Sep 21, 2019

Every school aspires to grow to its full potential and enhance learning outcomes. Schools need constant influx of new admissions to sustain. The schools that are finding it difficult to get adequate admissions must think of recalibrating their strategy to raise enrollment. The school management software, Schoolforte, helps the school management in assessing opportunities and using them better by enabling the use of analytics.

Below listed are the areas that are needed to be focused upon and how Schoolforte school management software will be instrumental in sharpening your focus.

Smarten up the Admission Process

Admission season is the time of expectations, exceptions, showcasing and projections. This translates into exceptional workload. Every inquiry, whether it is online, telephonic or from a footfall, is an opportunity disguised in curiosity and must be accounted flawlessly.

The automation that Schoolforte affords helps the schools eliminate possibility of lapses in recording the enquiry, taking immediate & scheduled actions and standardizing the communication going out from the school. It reduces the processing time of the enquiry transcripts, streamlines record management, makes decisions regarding the fee discounts faster, enables remote access to the documents, automates routing and approvals, protects student privacy, minimizes manual entry and gets the entire data in a single system.

Customizable forms for every stage, right from the enquiry to the enrollment make the process effortless and error-free. The automation of the response to the online enquiries reduces the need of personnel and cuts the costs while ensuring that every enquiry is harnessed for its full potential. The database generated by the use of the software enables the schools to strategize branding and marketing to increase admissions with the use of analytics.

Position your school well with information management

A clever branding strategy goes a long way and there are schools who reap instant benefits from it. However, if the branding has left much to be desired has not yielded results in terms of number of admissions then the best way to redeem the situation is to infuse intelligence into it. Intelligence begins with relevant information. Schoolforte helps you build a database and enables use of analytics that helps you gauge the behavior of the parents, their priorities, inclinations, expectations and finally the efficacy of your outreach method or your chosen way of communication. Use the data and advanced analytics to recalibrate your branding strategy, revisit your USP and increase the echo of the marketing campaign.

Managing Admission Process

Keeping a track of the inquiries, response to inquiries and the rate of their conversions into actual admissions is the first step. The staff handling the inquiries must be sensitized about the importance of the data collection and well-defined questionnaire will be of aid in collecting relevant information and insights without being invasive. What made the enquirers take their call in favor or otherwise is key to understand their perspective and taking them into account will make substantial difference.

Retaining Students and becoming highly recommended

To say that parent satisfaction is the key to retention is stating the obvious. The parents will remain satisfied if the school is visibly well managed and appears to be doing everything for the development of the child. The communication between the management, teachers and parents is fundamental in improving performance, bolstering motivation and appearing accountable. Schoolforte automates the communication channel besides taking care of every aspect of the school management which is so devised to translate into parental satisfaction which gives way to positive referrals and increased admissions.

The school ERP will help the schools to streamline their management and initiate the use of analytics in the school enterprise and as all other enterprises it will deliver undiluted results.

The sustainability of any school depends on the enrollment and adequate admissions are necessary if not enough condition for a private school’s success. The schools that have concerns regarding enrollment will benefit by using schoolforte and strategizing the admission cycle.

We have helped establish and manage 50 schools across 10 states of the country. Fruits of a decade of labor are not limited to the establishment of the schools and improvement of the existing schools, they also include learning that has given us insights into the management practices of schools. We are getting increasingly confident about the efficacy of our prescriptions for school management and the recently launched School ERP, school forte, is the manifestation of that confidence.

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